What is Osteopathy ? 

Osteopathic Manual Practitioners recognize the important link between the structures of the body and the way it functions. Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy which facilitates healing by focusing on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves and connective tissue functions as a holistic unit. Manual osteopaths use gentle movements to address areas of concern with the spine, joints, muscles, organs, fascia, and fluids.

Osteopathy is a drug free, manual therapy with a holistic approach, which means it observes the whole body to see the intricate relationships of all parts and systems whether they are healthy(ie: supple muscles)or unhealthy(ie:persistent pain or tension).

Osteopathy provides an assessment and treatment of the physical body and all it's interconnected parts and systems to change tension/compensation patterns and increase motion where motion has decreased. The body has the knowledge to repair, to adapt and thrive and sometimes it needs a little help. A perspective for health spreading health instead of the conventional thought looking for disease.

Movements are designed to

  • remove tension/compensation patterns(functional alignment)
  • regain balance within the body

Benefits of Osteopathy

  • improve movement
  • reduce pain
  • require less energy
  • relax the body
  • promote healing

Why is Osteopathy so effective?

Osteopathy has been researched to cause neurophysiological effects resulting in hypoalgesia (local and/or distal), sympathoexcitation, reduction in spinal stiffness, heterogeneous in location and timing, and improved muscle function.

These techniques also produce increased nociceptive flexion reflex threshold, improved posture, decreased concentration of substance P, and improved sway index.

The evidence for effectiveness of osteopathysuggests involvement of an endogenous pain inhibition system mediated by the central nervous system.

Did you know

Did you know osteopathic manual therapy (OMT) is effective for menstrual pain, disc conditions, and pregnancy related back pain?

Here is a list of scientific research showing effectiveness of manual osteopathy for disorders of muscles, bones, and joints (musculoskeletal disorders).

Osteopathy may be reimbursed by most insurance companies. Please contact your insurance company to confirm coverage as there will be no refunds.