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Initial Assessment  
150$ - 60 mins

Follow Up Appts

80$ - 30 minutes (Follow up)
130$ - 60 minutes (follow up)

Under 9 yrs old
120$ Initial Assessment (60mins) 
 95$ - 45 minutes (follow up)

70$ - 30 min (follow up)

Multiple Therapists 

Multiple therapist appointments create a powerful, safe, therapeutic space which exponentially amplify the benefits and results of your treatment. 

All therapists are Advanced Certified Therapist and are personally selected.  

Available for individual session or as part of an "Intensive Program"

Great for PTSD, Traumatic event rehabilitation

Individual sessions

2 Therapist  225$ (60 minutes)

3 Therapist  350$ (60 minutes)

4 Therapist  475$ (60 minutes)