Multiple therapist appointments

These programs require courage and a strong Will to grow and develop spiritually, emotionally, physically!

More Hands + More Time = More Healing!

These 2 hour multiple therapist sessions are a custom, personalized approach to your Health and Wellness. The programs are set over consecutive days to amplify and deepen your process for healing and self realization. Feel the support and compassionate care of multiple CranioSacral Therapists that will facilitate your journey to create Self awareness and process any issues you may have. 

Possible Results:

-personal/emotional/energetic growth and development

-Self Awareness

-Conscious Awareness of the Self

-Build a stronger relationship with your Self

-Develop compassion for your Self 

-Learn to nurture and respect all of your Self 

-Discover the possibilities in your Self

-Inner Peace

-Deepen your connection/relationship to your Self 

-Learn to communicate and grow your communication skills between your body and mind.

All aspects of Self development will directly impact your life: 

-Grow/expand your relationships with friends/family and loved ones

-Clearer outlook on your life paths, goals, careers

Intensive Programs are designed and personalized for individual care and for your specific transformation. You will leave this program with significant development and a whole, new perspective for all aspects of your life. 

“Be the Change You Want To See in the World”


3 Day Mini Intensive

1200$ CAD (2 Therapists)

1700$ CAD (3 Therapists)

2200$ CAD (4 Therapists) 

5 Day Intensive

2000$ CAD (2 Therapists)

3200$ CAD (4 Therapists)