CranioSacral Therapy

What is CranioSacral Therapy? 

CranioSacral therapy is a gentle, hands on therapy. Gentle palpation is described as non intrusive for the body, a gentle touch that promotes trust with the tissues of the body, which means there are no aggressive techniques that will activate the bodies defence mechanisms(a form of stress response or even minor injury). This gentle approach creates a supportive space and uses supportive techniques for the body to release tensions. Its focus is to release tensions and restrictions in the hard and soft tissues in the body which will increase fluid flow throughout the body. 

It can be a preventative health measure that will increase vitality, which will support all of the bodies systems for optimal health, by affecting the Nervous System. The Nervous System(CNS) will switch from sympathetic (stress-fight or flight) to parasympathetic (calm-rest and digest), or "relaxation mode".  This will improve whole body health and optimal performance for all systems which will improve recovery time after workouts and can also improve recovery of injuries. 

The main goals of CST are self realization and optimal CranioSacral/Central Nervous System health and function which will significantly improve your quality of life.

What is the CranioSacral System?

The craniosacral system produces and regulates the craniosacral fluid inside a waterproof membrane(dura mater) from the head all the way down the spinal chord to the sacrum. Inside the CranioSacral system is the communication center of the body, the Central Nervous System(CNS). 

The CNS is directly affected by any restriction or dysfunction in the CranioSacral System. Any trauma and/or injury whether physical, emotional, energetic can create dysfunction or restriction in the CranioSacral System which can induce a fight or flight response in the Central Nervous System. If the Nervous System does not reset on its own, from sympathetic to para-sympathetic, one can experience anxiety, constant stress, depression, fatigue(can lead to chronic fatigue), and can directly impact nutritional intake and the digestive system because the body only digests in para-symapthetic "relaxation mode". This is a vicious cycle than can lead to serious dis-ease if left untreated. 

We are bombarded by stimulation and expectation in our modern world and underestimate the power of relaxation. Food as Medicine and Relaxation and excersise are cures for many known afflictions of our modern world and they deserve much more credit.

Links to Research + Trials About CST

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